Login streak got reset

I wanted to ask if it was intentional or during the errors a few days ago reset the daily login streak?
I’ve not missed a single day but I’m only showing a 5 day streak. I’m kinda passed because I am one of the few who had never missed a day and the longest of streaks out of everyone.
Is there a way to get this fixed?

Tbh, sounds like you missed a day.

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I doubt it, I’ve logged in everyday since week one of games begining, it’s kinda habit at this point.
Not that the game offers much these passed few years to get excited about and play much.

definitely missed a day

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Missed a day you just might not remember or realize because rest assured if it was reset people would be on here posting it like crazy.

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Did you collect all 13 tiaras? If you collected all 13 then you can argue you logged in each day. Though it doesn’t 100% confirm you logged in each day.

Scopely won’t do anything about this sadly.

we can collect 2 tiaras on the same day, one at the end of the lap and the other at the start…

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That is why I said…

No idea, I got suspended 24 hrs when censoring chats started and didn’t lose streak so you need to be absent more than 24 hrs to lose it

You guys may not believe this but for only the second time ever in all the years and times I’ve contacted support have they actually helped!
I know it’s minor kinda dumb thing to care about but that was\is the biggest reason I still play.
I honestly thought it would be a brick wall as usual bot copy pasted reply till I gave up.
Thank you scopely and support for this.

Just in case anyone didn’t believe I played everyday here is from Google during the week they said I didn’t log in.


Had hurricanes come through on a couple years so my streak got reset due to natural causes. Glad you got yours fixed

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