Login rewards for October


Hi @JB.Scopely ,

Hope your Monday is going well.

Can you please let us know what’s the plan for October login event please ?

Thanks !



Hopefully 3 year tokens for the 20+ days that wheel is still around for…


Anniversary event ends today, I believe the wheel stays just to make sure people spends their tokens and we don’t have an uproar again.

Well, let’s see what JB will reply.


And later*?


21 days and 10 hours?

That is a bit excessive “to make sure people spend their tokens”

Someone on here did imply there was a message saying tokens would be given out in October too.
Edit: @Sinfulon3 suggested this in another thread

I’d also suggest that the lack of offers in the shop to buy tokens implies that the last opportunity to gain tokens is not over


Ascendable Gator? shrugs


I mean, ascendable gator ain’t too bad. I don’t have him so


Wow. Just Wow. A F2P Character aviable via Ascedance and multiple Wheels is the Login Event Toon… Just would’ve think they could atleast pick a more rarer toon, like Green Aaron, but Now.


Yep I’ll finally get my first large drop lead so I’m happy about that.


Scopely saw that the player base needed some gator-aid.


Don’t forget ‘s’ at the end. :smiley:


Omg. Smh. Wtf.


Great for those who don’t have him. Garbage for those who do. Hopefully it’s a different Gator NOBODY has :+1:


Well, Sadly We all know it’s not going to be. To much work for them.


I don’t have Gator, but I do NOT want him lmao, I refuse to claim him.


I don’t have gator and I don’t really care even if I did I’m not wasting medals on him


Rosa and michonne Duo can do the same


Way to ensure those of us who have Gator don’t care for a month. A wheel or a choice of 3 toons would have been better.


I like that idea much better


How much you want to bet you get 3 choices it would be gator, barker or lee just incase 1st time around some1 didn’t get him