Login Reward Glitch


So yesterday, all day I was patiently waiting for my login reward to pop up in my offers, never did. At least one other person in my faction had it happen as well. Hasnt shown up yet for today either. Anyone else have this glitch? Kinda upset I’ll miss the 40 day reward now…


Came in for today, but still missed out on yesterday’s somehow…


same, not got todays


Definitely not got one? Should be five left to pull

There are a lot of offers at the moment, so maybe it is getting clogged. Maybe force close and restart app or clear cache might help? Latest token should have popped up about 4 hours ago


Same here :thinking:


Got my token but I didn’t get my 30 day box… Although it’ll almost certainly be a 4* so I don’t really care. (From the paid login 70 coin feature)


surprised they didnt offer bags with tokens, like solange


Thanks for the report - The issue has been escalated to team for investigation :slight_smile:

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Ok, so I’m not the only one.


Somehow I’m going to be 1 short at least one other faction member is the same yet we reckon we never missed collecting each day.


thank you scopely for acknowledging this glitch and going to fix it i appreciate it it helps the game stay alive with fixes like this thank you have a good day


im at 37 right now.

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