Login Prize or ...?

Why not? (30/55 = 54%)

Curious, is there any contest, puzzle, or event that can’t be won with your wallet?


Isn’t this the free snowballs you get if you logged in daily to get a free Solange?

If so, this is totally attainable without having to spend, it’s just a matter of how much effort someone wants to put in to claim those free daily snowballs vs pulling out their wallet near the end of the event. Unless you recently started, then this gives someone a chance to catch up.

Nope, that’s not how they roll. This game is entirely only about one thing and one thing only and that is how to extract as much cash from as many players as often as possible.

The fact that it’s disguised as a game is nothing more than the vehicle in which to acquire that cash which is fine except for the fact that lately they seem to be forgetting about making the game part fun and worthwhile yet fully expect to keep receiving the cash part. Sadly this seems to be the case based on the fact that just about everyone is using the same tired defenses making the game rather boring and stale. Repeating the same 3 events twice a week isn’t helping much either especially with the rewards being absolutely terrible.

Hey Keep Spending…er Surviving! :whale:


If they didn’t offer in offers or crates you would have someone come here and cry that they missed 6 days in the 2 months because they were in the hospital and can’t get their toon.

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Man i completely agree with you that scopelly has lost his sheet at some really ridiculous leaves am really about to quit for the first time in 3 yeas, still regarding this event all you needed to do was login for like 3 minutes a day and it was completely free, if you are about to claim about something it might be the close margin they left I think if you didn’t claim the snowballs for 3 or 4 days you could lose the opportunity or would have to pay, but no I don’t think this event is directly related to get money as in any other aspect of the game

  1. 61 possible snowballs means you could miss 6 without missing

  2. 30 potentially purchased snowballs means someone only had to login less than half of the days to get a two month collection

  3. selling stuff is one thing but selling that destroys any competition makes a game boring and reduce any need to be involved.

Greed is not good, in this case…
and destroying people’s interest in the game

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Moaners gonna moan.

If people wanna pay for something that the rest of us got for free, why is there an issue? It’s quite common for people to spend time with their families this time of year and over thanksgiving. Also vacations can mean no daily login so buying snowballs is the only way to combat this.

Next log in prize will be a :poop: keep surviving :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Point of Clarification: my issue is how off the deep-end Scopely is going to replace enjoyment of the game in search of profits… but whatever … Enjoy the warmth of the fire.


Sorry you took that so personal lol but you know someone would say they missed days and are 1 short…excuse me I should of Said they were in hospital for 7 days lmao …and how is this greed? There are far more offers they post that I would call greed this isn’t one of them. If they had offered 10 for 10$ someone would say I only need 1 and I have to buy 10…so on and so forth…this allows someone to buy exactly what they need. It’s not like they gave everyone 50 balls and said now u must purchase the rest…not sure why you felt the need to pick apart my statement lol but anyways scopley has pulled way worse bs on events…this one you could miss days and all you had do is log on and collect. I’m sure people who missed some days are grateful they didn’t have to purchase 25 balls for 50$ when they needed 1

Perfectly stated.

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