Login event missing

Has anyone received their daily gold bar?

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Not yet…just noticed it was missing myself.

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Another day, another screw up. It’s like death and taxes. Inevitable.

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Yea I was waiting to see if it qued with the map but nope…its missing

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Even waited the magical 20 minutes for server sync…

No free bar and no gold radio.

Who ever wrote the code for scheduling things needs to recheck it.


running counter of goof ups, starting today

  1. 23 September, someone forgot to press the go button for faction sr
  2. 23 september , calendar says faction sr, solo sr deployed
  3. 23 September, 2 and 3rd gets 82k 4 star weapons as reward
  4. 23 September, issues discovered shortly before faction sr event causing it to be changed to solo sr event
  5. 23 September, 1 st place gets a soda can
  6. 24 September, no login gold bars
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The bucket that had the radios and gold bars got misplaced would be my guess.

@GR.Scopely what’s going on with the gold bars and radios?

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This is getting to be ridiculous.

And you forgot about as a possibility of getting the 800 chocolate cakes being switched to 80 for the hard stage chocolate cake roadmap.

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

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@ForumAdmin @TayTron

Pls take it to the team and fix ASAP!!

Please God don’t ask them to do that with all the things that they’ve said they’d take to the team and ends up in the forgotten box is nuts!

I didn’t even get mine for the map either

No Gold Radio, No Gold Bar’s
Make People Go Crazy.

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Negative. Got none of it either.

No gold bars in the offers but the rm has shown up.

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@Trout the gif please sir

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It’s there now. Thanks for fixing the problem

It must be difficult to find this many ways to fuck up on a daily basis - scopely u always were and always will be a bucket full of :poop:

Pudding right?