Login day march?


Qual vai ser épico acendente de march


I would like one for Red Madison


It’s the Governor




Just more making convo, if they did do that it would be a damn smart move.


That’s… pretty smart. Make the monthly log-in a legacy 5* getting ascendance. Lets them keep their premiers as premiers and keeps us happy with a regular cadence of legacy ascendables, even if it’s only once a month


That’s what I’m saying, it’s pretty much a win win on all sides if they went that route. We get our legacy toons and they don’t have to give up those premiers.


I agree, there definitely needs to be more F2P 6* Reds


Shit noting epic ascendence


The Governor is The best red
eat to shivas


He’s not just a shiva charector anyone be a shiva muncher with a to buff you see he’s just a very decent he’ll stop ars for a bit and probably kill someone if he doesn’t want escape kill some one like jerimiah the debiff goes to some one else which is actually useful


Why does it say X2 for the tokens for today? I only got 10… what gives???


The gift appears twice per day, 12 hours apart.


That explains a lot, thank you!


No problem at all!


Id rather have it once a day for double the amount, specially when its hidden in the offer screen , while other offers continually flash up