Login day april?

O que teremos no login diário de abril

Most likely no. We haven’t had two daily login calendars in a row. I know we had Rick recently (although I think RTP was announced the same month as Maggie) but it’s gotta be a new character. I think a lot of people would be relatively happier with that instead of more tokens for a completely r̶i̶g̶g̶e̶d̶ random pull.

Have a feeling its this
I mean this world be cool even though I don’t how I even got this too trigger lol
Pls don’t take this away from me

Honestly I don’t think it will be I think it was already said that the new regions were given a little extra to try to help catch up

@Mysterion I get those almost everyday in my Edgerfield region. I saw a post of someone saying they get those as well in two other region.

@FoReYeZ Seriously? That better not cancel anything planned for April.

No I understood it as being love on top of everything else has nothing to do with anything 90% of regions don’t even get it