Login bonus (bloody snowball) not being given


So I did not receive my bloody snowball today. There seems to be an issue, I noticed it as well with the “daily” halloween tokens last month, where if you log in, especially shortly after midnight, it just never gives you the daily login bonus. Anyone else experiencing this?


It doesn’t come for another 4 hours.


We’re not all in the same time zone. On my region I get it at 7pm cst.


Yet here we are several, several hours later, and I’ve not received my bonus still. Like, I logged in a whole 16 hours ago for the day, and have not yet received it. Or are you saying that all of us are going to get them, 4 hours from now?


Just so we’re on the same page, you are waiting on your first snowball, right? You currently have 0 of 55? That is a problem. Leave the game open for a few minutes and keep checking the offer section. If it doesn’t show up definetly talk to support (for as much as they are worth).

If you are looking for the 2nd snowball it hasn’t come yet. No one should have it until a few more hours. You’re okay.


rekt lmao


Waiting on that 2nd snowball, glad to hear all is, more or less, as it should be. Thanks, y’all!


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