Logging off Facebook account


I loggged on wrong facebook account by mistake and I can’t log off from it. Anyone know a way how to do this?
PS: Hard resseting of phone failed two times


Delete cache, Uninstall, reinstall

Or log in to the Facebook account you are currently on with another device and it’ll boot you out of that account and then you can connect once again


First one failed, will try second one tomorrow. Thanks


The steps above will result in your account being on the other device, which is probably not what you want.


I’ve been told multiple times that support can’t unlink an account…


Curious, why can’t you guys make it so accounts can be unlinked?


Me too! I lost an account and had to start over because of this. :angry:


Get a other device log in with that wrong account you did it will change to that device each logged on account can only be on 1 device at a time once you go back to your main device it will be at the beginning of game go thru tutorial after that log on Facebook part with account you want on device


I king of multiple accounts so I know exactly what to do


I had to do it once with my 2nd and 3rd accounts it’s a real pain if you don’t have a other device borrow some1 phone or tablet to do it


They always reply that once account is linked it cannot be undone, and if I would like to transfer my account I should send them a few receipts from AppStore or playmarket


I have the same issue, my fb linked to my game was deleted and support told me that i need payment receipt so that they can transfer my game to a new device. So typically scopely wanted me to spend just to transfer my game :expressionless: