Logging In Using Facebook


Very confused veteran player here.

My Lvl 125 acc was linked to my Facebook.

I have 2 versions of the game installed (One on Google Playstore - One on Amazon appstore).

I use the Amazon Appstore to play the past few weeks. Stupidly I saw an update (i assume its the beta update) in the Google playstore and update it. I then go into that version of the game.

SOMEHOW since then when I log in, it reverts to a level 2 brand new account that I have never used before AND ITS LINKED TO MY FACEBOOK SOMEHOW?!

So now with this new 9.2 version of the game, when I login, it loads the level 2 game.

I have an older phone with the 9.1 version and my lvl 125 works on that still. (i assume i have never played beta in this older phone before which is why it lets me go into the 125 still)

Whenever I try to find the older 9.1 version on my original phone to try and see if thats the problem it now states that my game file needs 9.2 to run. It loads an FAQ page up when the loading popup originally comes up.

I have emailed support but I am scared that when this 9.2 update does come live officially that my Lvl125 acc will not be now linked to my Facebook account and that I might be stuck with the level 2 acc.

I have my Lvl125 acc player code and it is different to the level 2 code but man, I have pumped tons of money into this game as well as years worth of time.

[Please note that I have got my friend to login (non-beta player) and he can access my lvl 125 acc and then I logged back into my old device and 125 still works.]



I am now currently in a similar situation. I had tested out the Amazon version at some point but uninstalled it to go back to the google play version. Last night I downloaded the beta update on my phone. Today I tried playing my game on my tablet and when I went to link to my facebook to load my game, it wasn’t my game account.


Oh so 9.2 fixes leveling issues, so everyone can start from the beginning. Good work, I approve this upgrade :+1:


There was a fix to a Facebook issue that prevented transferring between devices, but made it so that anyone that had tried to transfer and experienced the issue could be in this state. Please contact CS to get this issue resolved.


Lol… right. CS…LOLOLOL

Just ask the guy who was trying to get his rewards and was banned by @kalishane for posting piss poor CS responses. Remember kids, its a violation of the TOS to call out CS for being horrible.

Also, i will bet anyone CS tells him no… care to wager @CombatMan @kalishane?