Log in streak 1132

1132 days what is yours?

1065, though I’ve played the game since Prestige (The thing that counts login streaks) and before

Started in late March/early April 2016?

They have missing person posters up for me in the village

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I have played since day one.
Although they didn’t count the first year.

Ya damn Brits, living in the future a day ahead & whatnot, lol!


Have an annual thing that causes me to miss two or three days each year. Beyond that have played everyday since before the first faction lvl up

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1145 and counting

1115 day so far

1107 I feel like a Newbie🤗

1133… fml

Proud of you
Clap clap
Keep surviving
Remember to spent too

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I’d love to tell you, but everytime I click on my profile, the game crashes. Can’t even change faction helper. :man_shrugging:

1146 streak here

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1133 days. And how is it possible to have more than that?

Beta players were in a week or so earlier.

What a waste of time

15 days

6days :upside_down_face:

As of 3 days ago, 0