Log in problem update

Is there any information from a mod or anyone on a possible update to fix the log in problem. Plenty of us have been patient without having the game for 3 days. We have had no confirmation on an update to fix the problem or anything. Just told to submit a support ticket which has resulted in nothing happening. If possible can we get a time frame estimate on a fix? At least that would be somewhat beneficial instead of having to log into the forums over and over to see if there are any status updates.


Hope you get in soon. A lot of people are still locked out


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely anything ?

For real, like, where even are scopely? They’ve been keeping their head awfully low and being real quiet about it all, did they just disappear and give up on even attempting to keep the game going?


Didn’t think I could get more disappointed by them but hey hit a new low imo


So they emailed me said that can’t discuss a time frame as there still looking into it :confused:

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Of course they are, they still will be by Christmas

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79 hours of being locked out and still no update on a fix

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Yep it’s really beyond frustrating now !

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