Log in 1 day mission

Due to the timer it means 7 days is not doable…they didnt think this through did they?


Yes, havent registered at all for me…

That’s the thing. They don’t get paid to think. :rofl:

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So, I got the 1-day login mission reward instantly on the regions where I hadn’t logged in for at least 1 day… This is absurd because it penalises people who are active and who happened to be online on their main profiles around the time the mission went live (because “last login date” = “current date” so it didn’t count as logging in for 1 day…)

Again, IMHO the login kicks in at the same time as the prestige crate/fac helpers. Not sure if this is a different time slot between regions/time zones. For me, I expect it in 20 min or 1h 20 min. That’s at least one hour before the day is over. Quite tight, but doable, except for guys whose daily clock reset is just in the middle of their slumber…

Edit: just got them all - prestige crate, fac helper tokens, log in sparkle… so 7 days login possible exactly 2 hours before event end

Ok, in my case it will happen in approximately 40 minutes if it’s at the same time as the prestige crate (7-day login mission would be complete 1h30 before the event ends), or in 1h40m if it’s at the same time as I receive the helper tokens (I don’t know why I’m not getting those at the same time as the prestige crate now…). If it’s the latter then the 7-day login mission will be complete 30 minutes before the event ends. Doable like you said but kind of tight.

If you are free to play, remember that Hats are rewarded in multiples of 7, while claimed in multiples of 10. You don’t need your faction to finish the last mission, as you’ll have 42 hats already and 49 are useless unless you buy one…

Otherwise the faction target seems to be well doable for 20 active members even without log in…

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Alright, I got in in my main region now. But I already have 2 logins registered on my secondary regions, less than 24 hours after the event started, so it doesn’t make sense. I still think main accounts are being penalised for being logged in when the event started (i.e. system counted 2 logins on separate calendar days on my secondary regions because last login date there was older than current login date, whereas in my main region the last login date was the same as current date when the event was launched, so it didn’t count as 1 login, which it should have).

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I want my sprakler

Check the free gift… :wink:

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