Log in 1 day mission

Anyone else having this issue?

I have force closed and opened again already.



the same happened with the S-class road map
166 torches used and zero sparkles added

better to wait to complete other missions… I want to be sure it works

Shocked that it’s broken.

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Same issue here, did the sclass torches map and they didn’t count. Hmmm

Well at least the positive is that if it’s happening to multiple people it will more likely be addressed. Thanks for the quick feedback all

I noticed that. Bit confused as to when it’s supposed to recognise that you’ve logged in. It should be as soon as you log in, but…Scopely.

Now come on, you get the 1 day login in 2 days, the 3 day login in 4 days, and the 7 day login in 8 days, just after the event is over. What’s the problem? :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley:


Hmm look at the timer, it was set for 7 days.

Same issue. Tried doing stuff in game, closed reopened, switched phone on off…

Day 1 and broken

All my faction.
Also torches don’t count towards the mission.

Also worth noting that the wheel is bugged and only gives single characters (including non 5 stars which are not an option).

Same here. Logged several times today already, no sparkle for me @TayTron

Torches is a clear bug (same here). Log in could be expected to kick in when you get the fac helper tokens, i.e. around midnight my time - roughly 6-7 hours before the countdown timer on the mission expires. Let’s wait and see…

My 1 day login mission has completed now.

Cool! Got the prestige rewards along with it? Or is it then unrelated?

No they came through late last night but the login didn’t register until about half an hour ago. I’ve no idea what triggered it unfortunately.

Edit: just seen you mentioned faction helper tokens in another thread, those did come in around the same time I think, not sure if it’s related though! They used to come at the same time as prestige rewards but everything has been out of sync for a while.

Again and again some problems . Thats already just funny . We have the same problem with visit 1st day and with flames the same . I spend 166 flames but it didnt counts .i need compensation

This is literally what support just told one of my faction members. I am f’n mind blown. “It won’t register until you have been logged in for 24 hours”

So … we cant tick of 7 days if they only will register 6. Wth

Thats ridiculous!

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Wouldn’t trust anything “support” tells you. They just make stuff up as they go along.


I don’t understand it… in my faction someone got the sparkles after login, someone not