Locked weapons reset feature


we can’t sell neither disassemble locked weapons unless we previously have unlocked them.
can you make weapon reset feature working the same way?
It’s not the first time that me or a faction mate have been reset a cool (and locked) weapon by mistake.


I have almost done this so many times. This is a definite must add imo. Having that stupid pop up asking if we want to reset a perfect weapon if we click on it is insane and completely unnecessary. @Agrajag @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan can you all please do away with this pop up asap. Thanks


Ya, there’s a bug for this that’s being fixed for a future update.


Thanks for this thread. I had no idea that you could lock a weapon. Must pay more attention in future!


Thank you!!! Nearly made this mistake myself.


Nice to know that. Thank you!


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