Locked region Fairfield?



Hey I really want my girlfriend to come join Putnam but she can’t leave Fairfield any advice on how to get her out ??


She’s probably stuck for a while… just create a 2nd acct and play with her in that region till they open it up?


Thanks I’ll see maybe if she deletes the app it will work maybe


That wont work. You can create an acct into fairfield by simply doing this, go to menu hit options & select region tab. Hit join & not transfer. Then u can play with her there.


But, it locked from old players, that’s the problem


Not if he creates an account! Have you not spied on other regions? He just cannot transfer his main account. He can start as a noob in fairfield to play w/her & still have his main where he is now, then when fairfield is old enough to be opened they can decide where to play together.


You cannot join Fairfield. The only ones that can are players who have never downloaded the game. Go look at your regions and search for Fairfield to join. It won’t come up. The two newest regions, Marlboro and Fairfield are locked. Nobody can get in or out unless you start on a new device at prestige one.


I swear I saw it on mine.