Locked out of the game


I can’t get into the game, never experienced this before, tried numerous things but keep getting locked on this screen



This sucks, try clearing cache.


I did, I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it’s still stuck on the screen with rick and negan standing face to face


@kalishane can u help with this thanks


Have you tried staying on that screen a while? I had the same problem and I just let it sit.


This issue has been resolved


That’s nice it’s been solved but I think you owe an answer to the rest of the site thanks


Hey player I wasn’t kidding it’ll be other people down the road with your problem it’d be nice if you answered the question on how I got resolved. if not I remember the next time you come here asking for help


You suck if you were on my faction I would have already kicked you off thanks for all the help