Locked out of the game after the Recent Update (ISSUE RESOLVED)

I have updated my game to Version today, I didn’t have much choice in updating as I needed to update in order to enter the game. I tried to enter the game after the update, but I am unable to, my phone screen flashes black then returns me to my home menu. I have restarted my phone, I have tried to open the app through the Google Play Store, but my screen just goes black then I am back in the home menu of my phone.

I find this to be pretty ridiculous, a joke even, I can’t even enter the game, and it sucks because I play daily, I enjoy this game a lot, I’d go as far to say that I love it immensely, but I am fairly frustrated that I am locked out for no reason.

I rarely talk in-game, and I don’t cause any hassle or play unfair, so this being the result of a report is very unlikely, is this something that other Android Users have experienced?

Despite my frustrations, I am not angry at the Devs, a lot of stuff can slip through unnoticed, but I think this needs to be addressed as soon as possible if it really is a widespread issue.

Any sort of help, be it from Staff or Forum Users would be appreciated, I shall contact Scopely Support soon, but I am hopeful that this post can be seen and Staff fix the issue immediately rather than wait for an unknown amount of time for Support to see and respond to it.

UPDATE: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, it is now allowing me into the game, but in all honesty, I shouldn’t have to uninstall the game to fix the issue, that simply shouldn’t happen, but anyways, problem is solved :slight_smile:

Same. I had this issue about 24 hrs ago. I guess it’s a sign for me to walk away from the game.

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