Locked out of game since update


Since update i cannot get into the game due to network issue (everything else on my phone works so clearly not a network issue). Anyone else experiencing this? I am using the version via Amazon Appstore


I’m not sure man,I didn’t even know the game was on amazon AppStore


Same problem here


Like this?


My amazon game app work


Stuck on this screen and that’s it
I guess I need to keep surviving


And to think they’re going to have mass transfers with no issue? Lol :ok_hand:

I’ll wait until I’m forced to update.


Exactly the same for me. I can connect via Wifi but not via Data


I’m getting exactly the same issue with the very same error code. Not been able to log into the game since the update and now behind on SR and missed a steering wheel map!


@JB.Scopely can we get some help with this issue please??


Just force close the game every few minutes and it’ll let you in eventually happened to me about 5-6 hours after I updated


Took around 3 hours to get back in


It’s not been working for me yet. I’ll keep trying but may aswell continue reporting it in the meantime as it’s an issue that needs dealt with. It’s costing me steering wheels and SR event placement now


Same issue for me but happened before i updated it. Thought the update would help but not made a difference. I can access this forum, Facebook etc so not a connection issue


Yeah everything else on my phone works fine apart from the game. Don’t seem to be getting any support from scopely across multiple posts and forums though…


@JB.Scopely Any update ? I’m still stuck. Can’t play faction offensive, I miss the tires roadmap etc…


Exactly same issue with me. Started since the update and am still waiting for an answer


Déjà 3 heures de panne j espère que le problème sera bientôt résolu c est un problème de chez Orange


@JB.Scopely can someone provide some support with this issue?!


I had this issue for about 1 hour today. But thankfully it stopped. Just kept closing the App clearing the Cache and reloading.
But our faction leader hasnt been able to load the game since he did the update yesterday.