Locked out of faction

I was kicked from the faction and after talking to the leader I was asked to rejoin the faction but when clicking join I received this message, All invites don’t show up in my inbox. Is there a time limit that needs to pass before I can rejoin ?

You could ask the leader to change the faction status to open for you to join.

It was set as open when I got that message, I got one invite but someone had jumped in so when I clicked join it was full lol.

Good to see that’s finally working as intended after we had some pain who kept rejoining after we kicked them.

Are you sure they’ve invited you back if it’s not showing in your inbox? If the fac is full, they can’t send out invites.

Join another faction then leave and get yours to send a new invite. Ran into this a long time ago and iirc that fixed it.

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