Locked out my account help!


Hey, so I’ve a major issue I updated the game last night on both my iOS and android devices, and my android was not linked to a Facebook account while my iOS device was which meant I could interchange them accordingly…but i cannot access my android account which is my main account and months and months of work has went into that account, it redirects me to scopely support when I try to open up the gam with my android account on my iOS and says I’ll need to wait untill I update the game to make the game saves compatible even tho my iOS and android versions were updated yesterday, please help !!!


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There is already a thread on this created days ago.


I’m new to the forums sorry


Your android device does not have to be linked to Facebook. It is independent of the process. Just log into Facebook on your android device and you will be good to go.


Thanks Sentient!
If that doesnt work, feel free to email support here >> twdsupport@scopely.com


But what I’m saying is that the account that is linked to Facebook used to be on my iOS device and I switched account before my android went dead and when I went to go on my android based account on my iPad which I’ve done countless times before it comes up error code 11 and redirects me to a openly trouble shoot page and says I need to update the game but they were updated last night I seen on this forum there was a similar thread about this bug and shawn said its in there pipeline (apples) to fix it. And presumed they would be rolling out a update but when will that update be?