Locked out from Faction Assault

This keeps happening to multiple people in my faction when a faction assault is going on. Please do note that it hasnt actually been finished yet.

@CombatMan @Agrajag @kalishane this should get fixed. These people are entirely locked out from participating in the Faction Assault.

This has happened to me before. It is resolved by leaving the faction and rejoining. You will retain your accumulated tickets but your FA stats on the leaderboard will be reset (not important unless you care about that stuff).

the only drawback, you cannot rejoin until current f.a. is ended. But at least you’ll be able to participate to the next one.


Sadly the only way to fix this is to leave and rejoin the faction as the others have said.

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I know there are ways around it but I posted this so it can hopefully finally get addressed by the team.

@CombatMan @kalishane wakey wakey :slight_smile:

Probably going to get the same response as the other threads have been getting. When the devs have time they will fix it. Really would love to see a ticket number for this issue along with what tickets were resolved in each update they release. I am required to do it for my customers remote monitoring system so they know something was fixed instead of me or my team saying it was fixed.