Locked out AGAIN!

Game was working fine Network Error popped up and now I’m stuck on the loading screen with the Same error going off over and over again iOS here reinstalled , force closed and everything nice job !! No point in tagging JB and GR anyway thanks for another incompetence

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I’m having the same problem, on an android. @GR.Scopely asked people to pm him account ID’s if this is happening. Idk if that will fix anything.

I thin JB said the IOS update will be out soon.

I think it did come out, after 5-6 reinstalls it downloaded 200mb data and let me back in

I’m still locked out.

At this point I’m losing:
Items now expired from my inbox.
Any chance at completing Pathways event.
League standing.

Depending on how far behind I am when (if) I get back in, I’m considering handing faction lead off and just retiring. Game has been unplayable off and on for over a week.

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Something is definitely going on here. Why in the last few weeks has this been happening to so many people?? Inexcusable


Never seen this error code but ty for it i am making a list of all error codes and what they mean, how they happen, etc. And hope some way this list will be able to help people

I got content error2 right after dueling smh.

Anyone else in this thread still locked out?

Bumping this @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you help them

message support is what they would say

It’s literally what JB said.

I’m locked out and can’t seem to get support to respond

My account suddenly started working as soon as pathways ended .

According to support, nothing was done to fix it. Leads me to believe they don’t know why this was occuring. Yours may suddenly start working again when whatever event you were on when it crashed ends?

Also got nothing from the event even though I had enough items to get a lot. I’m asking for them to do the right thing, but not optimistic.

Typical but doesn’t surprise me

Well thats good but bad. You missed out on pathways

Scopely deserved you 10 supreme crates and 2500 coins.

I had enough to get Gov, Negan, and 3 crossbones map runs (3rd from 200+ bandages)

Maybe could have gotten a 4th bc there were 8 days left , really got f’d on this one.

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Did you get the chars? If not scopely owns you serious compensation for this

@ChaosShooter28 I got NOTHING. I was completely unable to access the game from halfway thru last week’s hordes til the end of the event, and therefore couldn’t run the roadmaps. There’s about 80 each additional “unclaimed” bandages and masks from milestones that got sent to my inbox when the event ended.