Locked into a specific region?

why when there are multpiple regions in need of platers would you lock a new player into a region??? makes zero sense. friend of mine is stuck and cant join us. total bs! any thoughts from anyone? he’s tried contacting scopely and of course they are zero use!

Can you provide a screenshot of what he asked support and what their response was?

i can try

basically they are saying there is nothing they can do and not all regions are free to leave from or join. so he’s stuck

But what did he actually ask? If he asked to transfer then yes, that’s what they’re going to say. If he asks that they allow him to join the existing region and start at level 1, they should be able to get him in the region - unless it’s been marked outbound transfers only.

I really need more information to help. What region is he in? What region does he want to go to? What exactly did he ask from support? If you give me enough information, I may be able to tell him what words to use so they understand his request better. Or, I may be able to better explain why it isn’t allowed.


Don’t think his friend wants to start from lvl 1, that’s the problem. He wants his current account transferred from a closed region, which he can’t because it’s closed.

You friend has two choices @angry-user stay where he is or start a brand new game in your region.

Actually, sometimes friends do start the game and can’t see any other regions. He did say “new player”, so they may be quite happy to start over but can’t. That’s why I need more details :slightly_smiling_face:

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no he’s a new player, just started the game wants to be with a bunch of us who already play. he’s stuck in the region the game put him in. has no game data to transfer. the region is locked no in our out.

he was put in chester and wants to move to blount. also explained that its anew start and not a transfer

and there was no response to that.

Basically what he is saying is like me he has 150 odd regions available. His friend is new and has 20 or so. On the 20 his @angry-user region is not there. So he physically can not join the region. Least I have had that problem and it sounds like what he is saying

close . there are zero regions available. non, zero, zip zulch nada, just the one he is in. and scopely’s response is that some regions are blocked for inbound / outbound transfers. he’s not looking for a transfer. looking to start in a new region.

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