Lock weapon request


Several times I have been dissmbilng and when scrolling accidental selected a weapon and nearly dissembled it, luckily I haven’t done on yet but it really is just a matter of time.

Can you please add a lock feature similar to the toon lock feature.

Where is the weapons lock feature
Weapon Locking Feature

I 2nd this motion


yea it might come in handy for people with 1* 2* trait weapons.


That’s why I want it. Everytime I clear my inventory I forget about the 2* weapons I crafted for SR and have to waste a day rebuilding them.

I may be an idiot but I’m sure I’m not alone lol


Ive been asking for this since they gave the ability to lock toons. Ive reset 4* weapons i didnt want to & disassembled 2* weapons (with lvl 3 specials) when multi selecting.
This feature is sooooo needed. Bump +1000%


Nearly did my top weapon my 4* Dwight knife with abs def, that would have had me chew my own hand off.


Yes please. It should be super easy to implement as characters have this option already.


This is a must please ge on this scopley


We really need this!


This would be extremely useful to us


Great idea!

  • Infinity please. For all of us dummies who have sold a great weapon :sob:


Plus One. I like that idea.


Yes much needed!


We have the lock on toons, we should have the lock on weapons


Yes please




do it! our weapons are precious


This is a good one and has been shared a lot before. I want to see how many small things like this we can get in!

Thank you for putting it in the right category! Will help when I share!


Totally agree. This is a much needed feature for the game.