Lock Scavenger camps

Pretty much as the title says , the ability to click on and lock a scavenger camp upon completion would be amazing , for instance I have a you got lucky finished and ready for collection, it has 3 tier 3 level 1 6*s in it worth a whopping 684,000 points , I’m saving this for faction level up this weekend as tyreese isn’t a desirable 1 million point toon

Now the issue , the second I touch that camp , it’ll collect it, you used to be able to click on the camp and force close your game to avoid collecting it. The fear of accidentally clicking on the camp is real and have moved the camp to the bottom corner of the map to avoid it.

A neat feature would be the ability to lock the camp so you can’t click on it to collect it without confirming your action.



Agreed. I think this changed because they wanted to run the fancy little animation which shows the characters levelling up, but given the serious issues with certain missions appearing it is gut wrenching when you collect a big scoring mission outside of a tournament.

Oh man, I’ve wasted too many YGL scav’s this way to mention. I used to cycle through camps and abort when hitting the YGL…

I’m now single clicking them but still there is always the fear of collecting the wrong one.


Thanks Twisty!

Added it to the Suggestions and Feedback section and my doc!


@kalishane with all these level ups being constant now this is needed now more than ever

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Nice suggestion bud.
Probably it will remains in the suggestion list and rot

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Go back in the change log and find out why it was changed from the prior behavior where one could as least force close the game and stop the collection. No one asked it to be changed to immediately collect so it would be interesting to see the reasoning.

You do not need a ‘lock’ scheme of there was a standard ‘Are you sure’ type of dialog which is present on many other tasks in the game prior to the collection starting.