Lock out from game using IPAD

I have been having some issues with play the game on my ipad.
It seemed to start sometime ago when i used the “watch video” to get free coins button some videos played ok but then all of sudden i got a white screen and the game crashed… a little annoying but just had to reload.
Now the crashing has got alot worse and it can take hours to get back in the game.
I have tried to make notes of what happens prior to crashing

  1. game slows down.
  2. in game popups
  3. Message " check internet connection " appears a few times in quick succession

To get back into the game I

  1. Turn off the Ipad wait a minute then turn it back on
  2. select the game icon (20 times)
  3. Turn off the ipad wait a minute then turn it back on
    4 select the game icon ( 20 times)
    5 repeat 1 & 2 untill the game starts

When the game does eventually restart there are a load of ingame adverts waiting for me

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At least you can get into the game ive been locked out due to game crashing when loading 16 data now

23 days of being unable to access the game.

Right behind you on 17 days


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