Lock+ on characters


Hi, would it be possible to add a second lock to characters in the future? It’s great that we have 1 lock to prevent them from being accidentally used during levelling but how about another to prevent them from being accidentally assigned on long ass scav missions/ territories etc? I really hate hitting auto-fill and then having to sift through characters to make sure it isn’t one of the crit leaders I’ll need for my daily SR or part of my tower defence team. Some characters just need to stay in my roster all the time.



Thats Pointless. just dont autofill problem solved! Cmon now


I’m lazy okay lol


you can block 25 characters, def, duel def, 3xterritory


Don’t be lazy. Ask for a feature that’s worth their time.


It’s a small quality of life change that will make a lot of difference for people like me. It’s like long pressing and collecting resources at once. Sure, I can not be lazy and pick up resources 1 square at a time but it’s a feature that’s there to make things easy. Same with adding locks to characters in the first place. Same with holding onto items to sell so the number goes up faster. Little, quality additions like this make the game that much easier to manage.


No don’t even compare setting up teams to picking up resources.


I like the idea


Can we have a lock that require a 8 digit password to unlock toons and weapons to prevent being hacked and reset?


I prefer 512 bit encryption myself, but that seems reasonable.

Edit: To the OPs suggestion, as stated by @Punkrock, there’s enough other enhancement/features that are higher priority than this that I feel like this is just something that you can either choose to live with, or spend the few moments to pick the team you actually want.