LOCK for Weapons please


One of my members dismantled his Dwight gun he worked so hard for.
Thought he was resetting it…

I’m gutted for him tbh…it’s easy enough to make a mistake.

He contacted Support as…anyone would know that you would not dismantle the weapon even if it was guaranteed to give 5 Polishing kits…
He didn’t mean to and got nothing good from doing it.

Got told to be more careful…they wouldn’t do anything to help.

I imagine others have been in this situation.
Seeing as Scopley won’t do anything to help those who make these mistakes…it would be nice to have a lock feature for weapons.
So it prevents a weapon from been dismantled.

Or maybe a 3 security level lock.
We’re you lock against dismantling or on the 3rd level Dismantling or resetting.


CombatMan said it’s coming.



Thanks @mountkay