Loading loop locked out

Recently transferred from Spalding to Decatur. Tried to make a mini in Spalding to help facilitate the transfers for the rest of our people. Now I’m an stuck in a loading loop and can’t get onto the game. Please help

what kind of loop do you see the game or just the logo

It keeps restarting the tutorial

Gonna try a reinstall of the game see if that works

Had this for hours uninstalled re installed a few times then I was okay :slight_smile:

Tried it and was able to link my acct back up but it ultimately brought me back to the same loading loop

Messaged support on here so I guess I’ll just wait to hear back. Don’t know what else to do

Keep doing it eventually it will work in the mean time send your account code to @GR.Scopely

@JB.Scopely So much is going wrong in this game right now… Jay send account over. I’m sure it’ll all be OK.

I also messaged gr as well as recommend

Both JB and GR are gone for the day. Open a ticket with support via the web portal.

Ty. That’s the first thing I did

I’m gonna be really angry if you don’t get it bk … Game is seriously messed up

This is by far the biggest issue game has now. So many problems in short time.

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