Lmfao the new tye

This is what Romanov could have been, guess he wont be released now, disgusting


Romanov will be released. He’ll just be a lot worse.


Romanov may still be released. Of course, he’s a legacy, so his AR will “Catestrophic Flambe”. It will have a recharge rate of 30, for the fastest in the 6 star realm and will do 100% damage to one enemy while setting himself and his team on fire., causing 1000 burn each turn until the end of battle, stacking with each additional use.


Am I the only one that actually wants to see this :joy:

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This guys OP. Luckily burn doesn’t stack. Would never expect a legacy toon of this caliber.

Gen one stats lmao

Take this gamers! We aren’t making Romanov 6* we are going to make a guy that looks like Romanov and has a flame thrower like Romanov but guess what? It’s not Romanov. Who keeps 5 stars anymore! - love, scopely


No he’s not. He’s gen 2. Around 5300. He’s not S class.

Who removes burn I remember neut red gov does.

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yet we have have gen one toons with higher stats… 1600 atk going hit like wet noodle

Scopely will release more and more OP toons until the now current OP toons are useless. Thats when F2P will get their hand on em tbh…


It’s total stats that makes the difference between gen 1 and gen 2. He has on a roll and his main specialty is his 700 burn to all for three turns. He’s crazy OP.


Anyone else notice that pipers stats are exactly the same as tobins? Its this scopleys creativity? Or maybe copy paste skills?

Shouldve gave him maim on his weapon and heal reduction for his As

i just knew it, damn you scopely LOL but tobin like better version of piper and piper the worst version of tobin :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He and Ty will revealed to be long lost cousins from Russian. They will than travel across Virginina with Russian lady and find the and stop the evil Karlson.


Spoilers man geez but I like spoilers so pass.

Like the disarm earl. They waited a few months after we needed him, introduced s class, and then released him.



Tucker Carlson?