Lmaooooo reward bugged

Guyss!!! For my compensation I had a crate call choicecrate_103
I had the options of 1 Norm hp replenish
1 material. 1 food. Or 1 survivor.

I picked 1 survivor and 1 material.
What did you guys pick

Scopely is some kind of special


That’s why I call mboy Ed cua he ain’t right tin dur heed

They even removed the dev tracker. so we cant see if they are on

Wow that’s ■■■■■■■ low

No it’s still there. It’s just in a different location, discourse updated it, not something Scopely just decided to do


Press the 3 horizontal lines between the search button and tour profile pick and then select groups from the options


Thinking they trying be sneaky

So now are they going to give us compensation for the compensation for the bugged blitz war? lol

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smh it’s bad a bad few months it seems the game went way down hill since July. right after the Michelle event

it went down day that Albert left

Check offers correct crate will be there

It wont. Its already sent!!

How perfect. I am a chef. I can only compare this situation to:
A dinner goes out to a customer and it is supposed to have no cheese, but it is covered in cheese. The customer complains and the server returns the plate and tells the kitchen. The cook understands the mixup and sends out a plate with just cheese on it and nothing else. The cook also poops his pants and burns down the kitchen.


We were in 3rd place, that measly crate??!! Lol

Thanks for the report. The correct choice box has now been sent out.

Где искать отправленную правильную коробку выбора? В предложениях ничего нет

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