Live arena could save this game...?

Hi all,
Alotta 3*,4*& 5*'s get lost forever in inv. or lvl up fodder.
I wonder if a live Arena 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 etc with only 3* ladders,4 * ladders etc
and wacky rule variants would greatly improve play.
with a 2 or 3 hour time limit per/wipe it would give ppl of all ranks a chance to compete for prizes, any thoughts?


Would be interesting.

How would weapons be handled?

Would you limit weapon power or stars for each tier?

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you could have a pit fight where anything goes, and then lvl ladders with restrictions.
like no tweaked weapons, a random skill wheel. and even seperate by lvl if need be.
similar to summoners war arena but constant.


The problem is always that the Person who starts have a huge advantage.

But the Idea is just great. I saw many threads where we wished for a Live Arena, so we are able to test our own Teams and the Teams of our Factions so we could tell each other whats wrong with out def.

But the 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 sounds great too.


Maybe Scopely shows us 10 Weapons (everyone is different then the other one) and we have to choose which weapons we want for our toons. Its Random but maybe without Stun,AD,Impair and -30AP or f.e 1 Great Effect Weapon per Team.


thats why the ladder wipes clean every few hours new tourney

Maybe a best out of 5 (7,9?) would show who really is the best.

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10v 10 would be fun or higher with teams etc

Lords Morbiles a great game tbh.
Not keen on those types but Lords was enjoyable.

I sent ideas to Scopley.

One like Checkers. We’re each piece on the board was a teams or possible each piece was a faction member…depending on if solo of faction.
With tickets to make sure each piece isn’t over powered.

Say who ever gets to the other side wins…or gets a power boost…

I used to give them ideas like this a lot.
Then slowly realised I was wasting my time…there was no interest…they didn’t care…
All ideas needed fleshing out…but I thought a good start and would have been nice variety.

Try South Park