Little upgrade in my Michelle team?

Hey guys

Would you replace Governor with Kal?

image image

I would imo

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I would not since his rush is better tjan kals and can hold a Stun gun. 550% to one plus 2 turn impair to 2 is better

Yeah but he dosent have -ap for 3 enemies like KAL? Hmm. KAL has this impair weapon also?

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But that defense is crap. Hes out by turn 1 without any def and hp mods. At least gov has some def. But hey its your team. Build it the way you want

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I think it depends what type of team you are facing. Kal gives you better rush control and is also better against blues, while Gov gives you higher damage output and is better against greens. Both could be useful depending on who you are facing.

Imo, Iā€™d put a toon with some sustain in their, either G2, revive or at least heal

how about raiding with both teams and finding out?


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