Little quesiton abot character drop

is just a little topic,
i wanted to know if “Tyreese - ‘Road to Survival #1’ [5 star Tough]” (the lue tyresse with decapitation)is still available in the supply depot,
because ive been waiting and even skip it with coin for the last 6month and i legit never drop that char.
so if someone cantell e if that char is still available ornot would bereally kind.
thanks a lot for ur answer.

yes it is in suppy depor

Yes, he is in there along with red neutralize gov, wanderer, duane, and a couple non ascendables

I saw blue andrea in there right before she became ascendable & its literally been months since she had popped up prior to becoming ascendable.

She showed up for me right after becoming ascendable, might’ve been random chance.

okay thanks for you answer then im just unlucky asf xd
did someone maybe know the drop rate of char in supply depot ?

i always get him but i want wandy

I havent had Wanderer show up since he was released to ascendable

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Had him show up in my last Supply Depot, bought him… showed up for the next one as well. Sucks for you, mate, hopefully your luck changes sometime.

Is he good? Never caused problems on defense.

Haven’t ascended him yet, but his Defense/Attack down rush seems like a good counter for literally every Strong/Alert in existence. Basically Garrett’s archnemesis!

If you got the points, pick up the maggie in the supply depot as well, future ascendable

She’s locked in the prestige 12 slot.