Little help with my team

Hi everyone,
I have some questions about my teams and i will be appreciate for your help.
My actual offensive team is S14 and members of that team are: S-Christa, S-Kapoor, Tobin, S-Priya (leader), Joshua (in the future i am gonna change him for S-Princess when I get her or S-Raulito when i get him or other more offensive guy, eventually Zachary but in my opinion he is more defensive)
My actual defensive team is S13+ and members are: S-Pete Anderson (leader), S-Christa, S-Kapoor, Ajax, Zachary.
Because of new free S-class toons (James, Christa or Angel) i am thinking about some changes.
I have ascendable Diego and maxed legedary Amber and thinkin about puting Diego as a leader of offensive team and take James form new event. Then my offensive team will look like this: Diego (leader), Amber, S-James, Tobin + S-Priya. What do you think of that? Other option is to forget about James and take second Christa or Angel and adapt them to my actual teams.

Hey there Tommy, and welcome.
I’d actually suggest Angel and swapping Joshua in your offense with her, for countering some of the pesky Doc defenses, but also for using her as a leader in a defense team that will also include Pete, Pryia, Kapoor and Zach. Ajax isn’t a viable option anymore as many of the latest toons have focus skills and can target your team behind Ajax, too.
Another switch I’d make if I were you, is Zach for Kapoor in your attack team. Zach’s rush hits more opponents and also heals himself, plus cleanses negative debuffs or statuses applied on your team (stun, impair, etc.).
Diego and Amber are great toons, but in the current meta, with all the Christas around (that became even more since last night), they’d die immediately. Diego can still be used in the team you suggested, though, replacing Amber with Angel. She’d give you some control over AP gain toons but also some kills, alongside Pryia, after Diego’s rush lowers defenses. :wink:


Ok, thanks for your response :wink:
I will think about that everything. I thought about putting Zach in offense team too.
After your suggestion about resignation from Amber I think I will stay with ranged toons. Generally I like them more :wink:

I agree with most he said here. A couple notes I will add are:

  • Be careful with Zach’s “cleanse all” rush, as when affected by Angel’s Trauma, it could Nuke your whole team. (And I suspect most FTP will be running her as lead immediately.)
  • Secondly, I still use Ajax on offense. Protects my team and I get some stuns from his stun gun I have attached. Something to think about if Amber is dying too quick on you. (She’s a glass cannon)

Yeah… sorry! Still not used to seeing Angel “on every road”, but if controlled properly and not given the chance to pop her skills, she’ll die sooner than later.
As for Ajax, I have 2 ascended ones and 1 non ascended, but I prefer using guardian Rick on my offense for some protection. His guardian shield does the trick, plus his taunt when rushing, with all the stun resist mods around, really helps control opponents until the rest of the team finishes the job. He packs a little bit more punch than Ajax because he can attack each turn, whereas Ajax just defends to offer protection.

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Melee toons do the trick, too! But lately, there’s been a constant flow of great ranged S Class leaders, and none in terms of melee. You could always decide to go for Wangfa, as well, as his crosshairs leader skill would be a great addition, alongside with Pryia, Diego, Tobin and some blue healer you might have. Cards played right, Diego rushes and lowers defense, Tobin and Pryia wipe out the opponent and they stay dead because of the crosshairs.