Literally have no words

Should I do a video raiding with it


You should reset it and craft it again to test your luck.


That’s 8 words… :thinking:


It’s your game. I bet you do want to make a video. I wouldn’t mind since I’ve never seen Rampage in action.

Congrats on the Rampage, and not to downplay your achievement, because it’s truly a gamechanger, but you should’ve crafted it as a standalone weapon and swapped it into Priya.
That way you could’ve used it on other/future toons as well.


Yells Go 40 on attk :crossed_fingers: dont come out 38 and perfecto

hope u accidentally reset it and say… Litterally hve no words


Yup I would have also kept the daze, it comes in use

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congrats, but it’s a shame it’s in a locked weapon


Couldn’t you have kept daze and then upgraded to a 5* and gotten rampage?

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Nice one, i upgraded my priya’s weapon in the same way.

Welcome to god mode my friend.

Make a video on your spendings, i bet you spent over 1000$ for a few pixel

I’ve spent 1000 in crafts and don’t have a single rampage

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i have two rampage on both pryjas ;o

I have rampage but don’t use Priya anymore lol

double attack + rampage is about 100 times more useful than daze

I literally didnt spend a dime
And from 5 years of gameplay only $20

Yea you should have used another weapon and crafted on it then swap onto Priya. But congrats

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Rampage isn’t always Guaranteed, plus it charges AP, Daze Blocks active skills for 4 turns which is incredibly powerful. You can’t really compare them. They have different uses.