Listen to your members and make some changes


(prize) wheel that doesn’t work or is fixed to the amount of a ascended drop is around £80 to £120 before it drops and not the guaranteed 40 pull drop? And prizes for war’s + region war’s need rolling back to top prizes being at least good 5* toon’s or tokens.level up events need dropping or items received need to be more rewarding enough for the experience, radios bronze and silver need to be taken off or more rewarding for the energy it takes to finish em. More world maps added to encourage more gameplay and new players I like


And make our old 5* usable again, before we lose more players from our regions.


As phd in software guys done great so far but need to concider some new stuffs
1 think about wood or decrease drop rate or make it convertable to foods
2 add all 5 n 6* in meusum so people do pulls get extra rewards for them
3 unlock prestige from 13 n add legendary medals to crates so people pulls ascend 5* can have medals to ascend
4 put use for museum complition marks
5 thirty days pass r so need to add some extra ascend toons or remove 4* n add lilith n actv trainer so people start buyin it again
6 need add some modification to armory.special stats r so old
7 reconsider that disarm for bruce it makes people dont waste their money on guns
8 we need yellow 6* reviver toon
9 you need to stop puttin limit or make it 2k so some actv people can carry the weight of faction and open it more regularly instead of retired
10 add new scavenger missions
11 with those many gear maps i think better goal compliation for lvl up be legendary medals or 6* gears or 5* medals
12 more faction events n plz bring back blitz war instead of those lvl ups
13 level limit should be increased to 150 to 200
14 survival map is 400 n it takes 1 hr to be finished either make it easier or add better rewards for compaltion
15 territories crash all the time plz fix it
16 plz do some thing about those silver n bronz radios no one uses them
17 at least get rid of wood error
18 plz make it possible we can switch with reserve in searchin time
19 ghostin must be removed from towers either one def or it goes back to zombie stage
20 i think you need to introduce a mechanisem like faction assualt so those helped more in faction event earn better rewards


If you leave the Free Maggie we are getting from the Death Dumbloons at 5☆ there is your fast reviver. I plan on keeping her there for that as well as to maintain her command skill.


Really 5 starts go down like flies with all those 6*


Heh. I like that name better