The whole thing you’re doing with S-Class? All wrong. They were meant to be more attainable for a F2P player? I’m seeing no proof of this. You’re teleasing them thick and fast it seems with more planned. You’re just killing the game for all but the 1%

The current museum collections involving keys, cones, cake etc? All a bad joke. Get rid of them and give up. You’re making a mistake there

And now you’re bloating the damn wheels with these god awful collection items. I loved spending my league coins to get 80 cakes and a damn 4*. This is a joke.

Listen to your damn players, take a step back and just stop. You’re going to kill the game at this rate. Stop being so damn greedy. I know of no one on my entire server that has an S-Class as the amount you have to blow to get one is bloody extortionate.

Currently the letter we got from you a month ago with our FANTASTIC 1250 coins is looking like smoke and mirrors, just lies and a cover up. CHANGE


I fine with the collections for keys and cones if they would give an appropriate amount. I’m looking for 2500 not 250. I’m fine with grinding for the keys for a month and then getting S class Pete. I’m not fine with getting them 12 at a time so it takes a year and a half to get him.


To be honest, I’m not okay with S Class at all. Their stats are just way too high compared to the gen 2 toons. So I don’t know what benefit it is for everyone to get a pete.

I don’t see a way out of this mess they have created.


If they are gonna do a reset they need to make them more accessible. So they might as well lean into it and start giving us the S class now

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I guess the first few six stars were legacy so why not start the same way with s class.

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The last reset was done differently. The six stars were hard to get gear for and the original six stars (pre buff) were easy to take down with five stars. Once spenders start getting 3-4 in a lineup, the six star toons will have no chance. The difference is way too big.


All I’m saying is you cant put the toothpaste back into the tube so go with it and just get it over with. They botched this call it what it is “reset” now they are doing more damage by making S class toons super elite.

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That’s why I don’t mind S-Class characters, at the moment. I’m F2P, so I’m already suffering from a gap between the OP promo toons compared to what I can get via F2P. S-Class is merely just another OP toon that is much harder to get for paying players.

That said, them being so hard to get is why I’m fine with them currently. In my region alone, I’ve only faced 2 players who have an S-Class. In prior wars, I’ve only faced about 1-2 players every war with an S-Class. The amount of people who have S-Class that I’ve faced is so low that it has virtually no impact on me whatsoever.

And since I normally wouldn’t have had a chance of obtaining an S-Class if I didn’t pay, I’m kinda glad I can at least horde my way up until a Pete, or whatever S-Class I choose to get. (Almost 20% of the way to Pete for free).

How do you “go with it” exactly? You think they are going to give out five free S class toons? You realize every “free” s class toon is also an S Class toon that spenders will add to Pete, priya and Laopo.

Again, the first reset was way different. It took players months to t4 everyone. Leaving a nice buffer period. Not only do these toon go to 150 with the same gear, they can even get veterans rings.

The go with it approach seems nice, yet it’s not as easy as it sounds.


Realistically though, the difference between T3 and T4 doesn’t really do anything against players that actually know how to team build. It was fun watching people freak out over the small stat bonus when I’m sitting here still rocking SR Zeke.

Like I said make the amounts they are giving on these roadmaps and collections better. If I could grind a roadmap for 1 month straight everyday and get the toon that would be reasonable. But others could spend and get the toon on release. The f2p would always be a little behind but close enough to compete.

Well agreed. But that is not the case anymore. These toons are just so much stronger than the gen 2. It’s really going to be an interesting month to be if they listen to the player feedback on s class. I don’t think they will but.

1 month? Sounds good for us but not so much for them. They won’t do that. I’m sure they want to promo each at least twice.

These are just the first batch…and they are attainable, and yes for all purposes like some have said it does seem like a reset.
Now the attainable part is the length of time…meaning that by the time you do get pete or priya they will be like the first for ftp to get them started off…by which time s class will more or less be the norm…

Right. So by the time f2p get one… players will have like 10 lol

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Many of the promo toons released 1 year ago still aren’t readily available to F2P players. You have to be really, really optimistic to think that they would let players get an S-Class after grinding a daily roadmap for 1 month.

And ironically, everyone being able to get an S-Class that quick will only highlight the issue of S-Class even more because now everyone will have to deal with them, rather than the small minority of players who had them initially.

Eg: Look at what Eric did to the meta a while back. Everyone was complaining that revive was a necessity. While Eric was an amazing option for F2P players to have, you could easily see how many players resulted to using Eric on their defense teams. What we saw was that giving F2P players a revive option, merely highlighted how bad revive was as a mechanic if everyone had it.

So IMO, contrary to popular belief, making S-Class even more easily attainable now will only hurt F2P players more than people think would help.

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Well it is the scopely way lol😂

I’ve been thinking a lot about S-Class. It makes me wonder if there was any testing done with a team with an S-Class toon on it against a team with none. I haven’t seen any in my region yet but the meta this year has forced me to stop spending and after these next 2 wars will be stepping down as a co-lead of my faction as wars have become my least favorite part of the game.

Many people here have claimed S-Class is a game killer and I’d agree. They also claim the gap between no/light spenders and big spenders will just get worse and I’d also agree.

I have been wondering how the game can be saved at this point. Not sure if this idea would work but it would be another reset of the game. Take the 5 most common 6stars of each trait and create S-Class versions of them. Put all the 6stars in the museum so that 2 of each would be relatively easy to obtain if someone didn’t have them. Basically now there is access to 20 S-Class toons for everyone plus the premiers for spenders.

This is where Scopely would really have to work to not repeat their mistakes:
**Premier S-Class toons will/should be better than “legacy” toons but not by too much
**Legacy and free event toons should be released with a frequency much closer to the frequency of premier toons
**As new premier toons get more powerful so should legacies

There would be some big changes that would need to be made in a meta of S-Class toons. One of them could possibly be future-proofing toons. Using a system to the arena promotion rings for stats, maybe parts of rushes, active skills, specialist skills and leader skills can be boosted.

I don’t know if that’s a possible solution. All I know is that SOMETHING has to happen. As I see it now, I will be a non-spending, non-warring player using this game as a time-killer until it’s sunsetted or I get immersed into another game they way I was once immersed into this game…


Gonna reset the reset lol

yeah six stars was fine initially, u could still use 5 stars in defence and get some defends still (lee shield, mich shield)

once Erika came it started to change, she was tough them mich disarm then slopely downshill