List of words that are off limits

Get posts auto fl__ged and hidden.



Got a message from lady geek about this today… everysingle post I make is auto flagged it’s a mockery of a forum. By the time anyone approves my perfectly worded posts the issue has passed 2 days ago. Great way to suppress us and keep forums looking rosey


Some that I know of:


We rarely take more than a few hours to unflag (except when I’m sleeping)

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You’d think this company has multiple games and makes enough money to invest on a updated AI.

It is a opensource forum software


Am i not allowed to speak about Nickelodeon characters?

You said a no-no

What was it???

You can’t say :triangular_flag_on_post:
But I can put the emoji. :man_facepalming:

Ok but prior to that it was Plankton and the character to which Tom Kenny voices’

No clue

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The post you created just a few minutes ago with nothing but a picture? :joy: Who gives a damn about Spongebob? Irrelevant nonsense should always be flägged. I did fläg your posting.

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You use words which auto fläg your comment or entire post. You aren’t new to this forum and should know this by now.

I actually am new to forums resisted and lived on ppl showing me screenshots up until month or so ago… mind blowing how Orwellian it is here

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I tried posting one too. Went into the???

Yes sure sucks that common words have the ability to fläg comments and etc. automatically but that’s probably the failure of the site’s admin, the person who set up this forum and not LadyGeek or someone else. Same you can do with every type of forum builder like WordPress.

No one blaming ladygeek shes gone out of her way to reach out actually above and beyond from her. It’s still frustrating and makes one feel sorry for her to have to represent such constant incompetence on all fronts. So can we add this to the extensive laundry list of things to address… surely there are better systems just as cost effective. I really want to see them address you got lucky lol not to change point but why no one ever mentions how impossible it is to win a level up when the new players have it available constantly and we must do voodoo to see it even twice. … ok assuming this will get auto flagged can we know what words lead to it?

Are you the Goku from Wisconsin? Because we totally need to get beers and talk reality sometime.