List of factions taking first in every CRW


This thread hasn’t been updated in a long time. As of now, pigs have been bumped to two losses, LAD and Dead End each have one. Ours came from Scorched Earth in pike. That means the last undefeated faction is FKR, with their #2 faction NVM taking second place in every CRW to date. Congratulations to them. It’s one hell of an accomplishment and one to be proud of.

If you have a faction who has taken first in every CRW, please post below. Inversely, if you’ve beaten one of these factions, please post below.

Troup region, Dead End 9-0
Dougherty Region, FKR 9-0

Honarable mentions

White region, War Pigs 8-1 got boned by matching in the first CRW) and knocked off strictly business.

Which factions do you think are strongest for cross region wars? Post undefeated factions
CRW result Deja Vu ? Every time the same result!

Would be good if Scopely matched all of those factions against each other (3x3) with the winners of that meeting in a final 3x3 for an overall champion


Nah, it would be the most money anyone ever paid for 18,000 5* tokens ever. If they made the rewards reflect the effort, I’d love to see a bracketed tournament system, but I don’t see that happening.


Walking Dead Elite from Irwin beat Barrow in the 12/05/17 crw.


Barrow’s record is 4-1 - we lost one to Irwin due to several internal reasons. I sure hope we get them again


Thank you, anyone match any of the other regions?


yes… we lost the last crw


Thank you for the update


Parabellum of Escambia is on the rise. 3-1. Also a much younger region in comparison, we’ve only faced original regions and we are over a year younger. Just beat Welcome to Terminus of Randolph, a very strong faction in their own right.


Honestly, give rewards worth fighting for and this post makes more sense.

Prizes in 2016 were better than this.


Well done, removed Randolph from the list


Welcome to terminus had lost it as of last CRW anyway.


People are bad about getting on the list then never updating saying they got bumped lol


Am I the only one tired of crws turning into “pro bowl” wars? They don’t even try to hide that they left their faction and dog piled in one Friday morning just to win. Hell some still leave their clan tags attached. You end up with two to three op factions and the rest are cake walks. However, those top ones are almost unbeatable as they have the spenders there. Crw ought to be about the best region, not who can assemble the best all star team by gutting their other factions. Imo anyway…


Because timezones are a myth, same with third shift.


LOL. Beautiful response.


Timezone with a +1 or -1h difference ? That’s incredible, indeed !


Aussies even


Many regions Considered an all star team. Some did well with it while others got seriously burned by it and wrecked the regions. Those all star teams never seem to work as well as strong teams that have been together for months though.

And guess in some regiOns Europeans and Asians are rare guess some are more diverse. We have 2 competitive Japanese only factions here but other region I play on only has a handful non us ppl. Diverse regions are stronger as a guy playing at 4 am will not be as effective as someone else playing with same roster at say 8pm their time.


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