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Hey everyone,

Thought I’d open up a little thread here for anyone who would like some team building help (:

I usually do this on the app line (Linkesus.) but know not everyone has line. So feel free to ask me questions about the game, toons and roster help, or reach out to me on line

Discord now too
Hoping that works :slight_smile:

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Does Pain Spread adj of an effect spread all of the bleed to adj target or just the 1st bleed given, trying to make a team

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Bleed stacks unlike burn. So if you add bleed to target A of 200 and lacerate it to 400 then use someone with the weapon pain spread it should be the full 400 bleed spreading to an adjacent. Now I did hear from someone that the effect is 1 turn and not 2, but will see if I can get some film to confirm.

What is your line I’d I need help with building a team

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copy and paste everything in the " " -> “Linkesus.”

Is there a line group for this

I help out in a couple team build chats if that’s what you mean, but I could also make a specific Line chat with me as the primary if that’s what you mean.

Do what Lockdown did- Make a discord


I agree, not everyone uses line, not everyone is on the forums, most people have discord for other stuff

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I can definitely do this - from the community I have mostly seen an aversion to Discord to be honest - but good to hear from people that it is something people would enjoy. Let me figure out how to get one up and rolling


Whose best with Angel and Christa? I’m asking specifically because those two are staying on board. Lol. Here we go all 6*.
Heng yen
Jia feng
G. Rick
Red Jesus
Alert Ryker
Red magna
Blue lee
Fast Yumiko
Bruce Allen
White shiva
Strong Hershel
Kirkman negan
Blue Tobin
Xmas Michonne
Disarm michonne
Sc Andrea
Blue Andrea
Blue lee
Green lee
Fast Maggie
And that’s some of whom I’m working with. Blue Ezekial and a few others whom are severely outdated. Lol. Help!!! And thanks.

Attack or defense teams. I help with both.

Where’s my discord server? :V

Angel, christa, kapoor, zander and Tobin for defence could work. But only if Tobin still has absolutely defence on his weapon. Depending on how levelled your human shields are they are also an option but angel lead should stop a lot of turn 1 control active skills. Angels active exhaust requires a dazing if they want to gain ap with say doc. So having say human shield Andrea with abs d could work out alright since many aren’t bringing in say disarm. Reflect damage mods are needed on def. anyway - kapoor as an s class higher Stats and active skill heals. His rush gives that def bonus. Tobin with abs d will gain strength with on a roll and buffs himself so can cause high amounts of damage. Commands are useful on defence they cause chaos. Christa is powerful and has waste of so potential to kill. If you have a human shields that’s levelled well you could remove Tobin and run a human shield there instead

Working on it (: not completely familiar with discord so going to try and get my own channel up

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Priya lead with +40 attack and a huge bonus to ap for ranged toons, christa, princess, red magna and command Zander. So priya is a true attack lead, when she rushes it’ll be more about control. Turn 1 is about building ap, daze turn 1 active skills as needed with priya. Turn 2 use princesses normalize and taunt - this should buff her too. As a 6* she needs hp set mods with attack so she survives with the taunt. Use magnas active skill for +40 attack up to all. Can use Christa’s active skill or attack, or attack and then command rush - or do that with priya to use more control with the impair and confuse. Zander commander lets you command or active disarm.

Thank you. I’ve never used the shields but I’ve leveled them up. And I have a lot of really good weapons. Tobin is a beast and I generally only used him on SR along with Mike and various others. Thank you. That deff gives me other options. Up to now I was using Priya, G.Rick, Christa, Princess and Angel. Before Angel I had Aarav. Working on his and priyas s class version. Maybe Wangfas too. I also have Raulito but I hate him. He’s best on SR to me. Lol. I’ve always went on offense and used my strongest toons since the first team I made which was Kirkman negan, Charlie, Fast Yumiko, 5Kate and strong Beta. Lol. I never even used a shield until I pulled G. Rick. His shield at least stops the first hit. So he’s been useful. When I run Angel, Kapoor, Christa, Princess and G.Rick I get a S11++ team rating but I don’t use Kapoor so I stay a steady S11. Anyway, thanks. Ill try magna out. I have her T4 as are most of my toons except the newer ones. I’m at a standstill. Heng yen was the last ascension for a bit. I have 15 waiting to ascend. Lol. No Bennies or Dupes. I have 3k gold medals and 1 mil silver. But a lot of good its doing me. Just have to hold on and wait. Lol. Thank you again. I enjoy your videos and would like to see more on who works with who. My basic offense defense isn’t all I build. I build bleed teams, control teams,5 classic, I like a array of teams bc you never know what you’ll face. Thanks again and I use discord too. Let us know your id and well hook up and spread the word for ya! Take care!


Well would love some help so here my roster…


This is the team I run rn

Gonna get S class Pryia by the end of the week I think

That sux. Tried to add you to Line and it said it’s full. You can no longer accept anyone new.

If I use my Raulito giving Target A bleed 1500 and lacerate him with Rick to 3000, is it possible to Lacerate Target A again with Jiafeng?