Line region transfer chats

I was hoping someone could invite me to line transfer chat rooms please.

Can invite you to cook region transfer if wanna get to know people there

Sure. I’m really looking for the big chat rooms with more than one region in it.

I know of one

Can you send it to me or post please? Looking to wander into a new region

But tally is the best right :crazy_face:

To op can join commonwealth, i am negan and i think a new chat opened that is strictly about transfers, be careful with individual transfer chats tho as people will sell you their region and you may end up somewhere worse than you were before, happy region hunting tho oh and always make a baby account, level up to level 6, make a faction and lurk, dont say hi in gc either, just lurk and see the regions true colors before you transfer

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I have been in the chats before I just need an invite honestly

Need your line Id and I can



Damn you look good

I need this too

The comments about female players here are pretty sickening.


Couldn’t agree more.

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Have had to boot morons from line chats and factions for years because of it

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The comment I was referring to was removed. Having said that, it doesn’t change the fact that making comments about a woman’s (or indeed a man’s) appearance on an internet thread is wholly inappropriate. That comment is still there, and was the reason the second comment was posted.

Do you even know the meaning of this meme?

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