Line Info Bot ID

What’s the Line bot ID that gives info about the game (event start time, armory, etc)? I think it was Knowledge something, but not sure :pray:

Its namned knowledgefist and are controlled by @Sage

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Thanks a lot

There’s also a Carol bot

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you need to input the ID in search. I am not sure what it is as I don’t use it. I use a different one I can inbox you the ID of?

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Add me and I can send contact info. Knowledgefist, Carol, Shivabot, and Jezebel all give this info. You can only have one of these bots in a room at a time.


thanks for sharing it, which bot would you recommend LG?

I recommend you pick one that suits your style. Knowledgefist and Carol are more strictly game related, Shiva has memes and fun, and Jezebel has some naughtiness. Most people like Shiva and have fun with her; I get Shiva overload.

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I get in fights with shiva bot :frowning:

the ID for knowledgefist is @550gonbv to add it as a friend. don’t forget hte @

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