Line group dismantled?

What happened? Someone booted everyone from the line group? I know there were folks posting pics against the rules, but to kick everyone seems arbitrary and very unfair.

At a guess, simply to toxic.

JB was exhausted so he left and the mods booted everyone


Yeah people were just repeating the same things over and over, instead of asking useful questions or saying anything constructive. Seemed like a “tag JB in my complaint” group

Nice. Doesn’t bode well for customer service. Oh wait, its Scopely, lol.

JB was exhausted? I was in tech support for years, I never got to just boot all my customers…maybe the mods did it out of desperation, I can’t believe with everything going on they would sanction this.

Seems like there should be a forum or something for such groups to exist… :thinking:


Still dont understand why people dont use this logic.


JB didn’t kick everyone, he simply left the room because it wasn’t productive. At that point, the mods dismantled the room, because there’s no point in spending energy moderating the room without anyone from Scopely in it.


So no chance of a line reply on Max Mods rewards being wrong?

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It’s line.
You wake up to a 999+ and you’re not reading the whole thing. It’s a terrible medium to communicate a wide range of information to a large audience… Particularly when you want fun social chat baked in.
Choose A platform & do it well.


Most of mine are on mute anyways so it really doesn’t matter for me

I can see that. I knew he had left, i just didnt see why it was necessary to boot everyone who was not being a chronic offender. Letting folks vent for the next 3 or 4 months waiting on the improvements would get old I suppose.

I don’t think it was a room to vent it was for giving out information. There’s a bunch of other rooms to complain if that’s what you’re looking for

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Yes, that was what it was supposed to be. JB and others referred members to other chats multiple times to casual chat if they wanted. It was unfortunate people refused to honor the room rules. :confused:

JB is terrible. Simply horrible.


Ohh man this is an uproar. Now all those that were in in there wont feel special anymore. Boo hoo.

It probably wouldnt have been bad if people wouldnt have asked questions he gave answers to 1000 times before . Like “is there going to be a war wheel change” or “when are you releasing X toon” or “Are you all gonna fix territories”

Then it devolved into complaining about every single thing bug related complain… compensation not up to your standards complain… you woke up and were out of milk…complain

Glad it’s gone. There is an official forum for questions.


The line group started as private club just for the top factions and Jb. It was unofficial and not be holding to scopley but once it was opened up to everyone made official maybe it started to feel like work to Jb ya know like coming on the forums for instants. Line is a terrible platform to use. I’m sure they will make a new secret one again :wink: wink.