Line Chat Invite *Diamond Ranking*


So some of you know I have a line chat for ‘Top 3 Faction Leaders’ that is talked about here and there. There are two currently. One is more BS with stickers, memes, and game chat and the other is more regulated and is mostly RTS Game related chat only. With the changes of leagues I thought it would be a good time to make a change. My idea for this chat from the start was to have a chat room that was primarily players who were still engaged, active, and knowledgeable about the game. The best way I could think of to do this was to have leaders of Top 3 factions only.

Anyway with the change with leagues the chat will now be called RTS Diamond League Chat. Anyone that is in a Diamond Faction or Diamond SOLO Rank (regardless of faction rank) can join. Region rank is irrelevant. Screenshot of SOLO and Faction League status is required. We have a spreadsheet in the chatroom to track the information. If you would like to join please PM me here. Remember you either have to be Diamond in Faction OR Solo does not have to be both.

Bill -Abusement Park-

P.S. For those who want to be invited to the more casual Lead chat feel free to PM as well if you a leader of a top 3 faction or meet the above criteria. I won’t be putting the Diamond restriction there. That one is more spammy but still have some good info as well here and there :slight_smile:

Name change customization

Lulz… elitist nonsense


11/10 troll post


Real Diamond players don’t use Line



Meh super secret line chat was so 3 months ago


x2 and 7 chars


yep, diamonds are “secret” society


Y’all take this game way too serious dude delete this worthless thread


:roll_eyes: Should advertising for an exclusionary line chat be allowed on a public forum for the game?

I think not yet this will stay and harmless posts will continue to vanish. :smirk:

:arrow_down: :upside_down_face: lol @Plagueis



This is so dumb. What are you even going to do on that chat? Show your thousand dollar teams that are easily beaten by f2ps? Or are you just doing this to feel special? lol


So much effort to win mediocre rewards…keep spending.


It’s a kinda double edged sword for me with this kind of thing, I’m a Diamond Faction leader with diamond Solo status, & I would like to be included in this sort of chat as I would like to look through the information added there.

Unfortunately it would be added to the 6/7/8 line chats I already ignore everyday because quite honestly I can’t be arsed to read through the 999+ messages waiting for me every morning when I wake up just to find the 1 or 2 that are relevant to me. I generally only read two chats, my faction chat & my faction lead chats. Everything else is just noise tbh.


Lol I see the stigma of never coming in first place in Elbert is still with you guys. Drop the elitist attitude, you guys weren’t good enough to out pay the whales in Elbert and doubt you’re good enough to out pay the whales where ever you wound up. Shame really. You guys were good competition until you turned the game personal. But dont sully the forums with this I’m better than you attitude. You guys aren’t and never will be the greatest team out there. Besides styles and miggy are the only 2 in tap that ever had any decency, they’re good folks, dont deserve to be lumped in with what you’re doing here.


lol sounds like another ego boosting room for people to talk about how good they are. #notdedicatedunlessdiamond. Keep on spending!!! Oh I mean surviving…


lol @JB liking both the original post and then the post right after that roasted the thread starter :joy:


Thanks for the replies guys appreciate the input. For the many who sent pm I’ll add you later tonight.

If it’s not for you move along. You can make your own chat and I promise I will ignore it. Deal?


Who are you talking to? And what is an ‘Elbert’?


Hey man long time no see. Still trolling with the best of them? :slight_smile:


You know what happened last time you posted about the super secret elitist Line chat…we ended up with @Sage. I blame you.