Limited to 4* Recruits

Can you imagine the uproar if that’s the case? :rofl:

It should be info about what the final reward is


Thats what they usually do isnt it?

True, but in this case it would be barmy to do so. I imagine it’ll be 3 seperate road maps unlocking for certain hours of the day.

So am I lucky for spending the better part of about 1-2 weeks leveling up Estella in a attempt to ascend her for Donny?

And do you think they would care?

Fair point

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I have mixed thoughts about this Scopely trend of locking threads so we are unable to comment on them. I strongly object to it as a petty ineffective and inefficient “communication” method that basically says (curse word voluntarily deleted that starts with an f and also includes the letter u) to the player community. On the other hand, so far it quickly identifies the issues they are afraid of hearing community feedback. Well afraid might not be the correct word, but identifies those issues Scopely knows in advance will be met with negative comments. But I’m overthinking it because mainly it serves to show what they think of players concerns, their true interest in feedback, and how stupid they think we all are that we can’t or won’t just start a new thread. Unless they start closing this too. ok, I bet other threads get closed and merged into the original closed thread.

Sorry for rambling, war hangover and whatnot.


They don’t want our feedback, they don’t want to communicate, they don’t want to make things better, they don’t care. I hate being negative but this is been going on for too long now and we have been trying… they do the opposite always of what the majority players want. They’re locking every thread now, even an event thread? Yeah they’re going all the way… they don’t like to listen to PC, players, anything other than the sound of their own voices and money… it’s clouded judgement by them always and doesn’t seem to change.

If they truly cared to improve things they would start of with direct and upfront communication, even if backlash happens it would depend how well they’re looking to improve things and then they could get the players behind them… when you take away everyone’s hope you make them mad/upset, it’s simple… hope is gone for this game by most, they’re Moody and angry… you have to rebuild trust, not take it away and then stomp on it. My point of this rant? You can get more bees with honey than vinegar… they should try an olive branch instead of a baton. Less incompetence, more sincerity… this game could be a huge success still, yet it relies only on Scopely to make that happen.


Honestly, I think everyone needs to relax about this 4* roadmap. The event hasn’t even started yet and people are already outraged. Nobody has any relevant details. Is it so hard to wait till it starts and see for yourself before you sharpen your pitchfork and light your torches? It’s totally possible at this point, to not have to complete all 3 maps to collect all the rewards. I may be wrong, and if so I’ll admit it, but right now ya’ll are freaking out over nothing.

There a thread with the info on it. I’m sure it’s fully informative as always. And people should be freaking out over scopey not even pretending to want feedback on an announcement

Its the fact that they are muting people atm. They locked a thread that we cannot comment on. What use is forums if we have no voice? There are trolls but if scopely had 1 brain cell left they would be able to decipher a troll post vs a true opinion.


Well there are going to be very very few people indeed able to complete all three. Newer players might be ok with the 4 and 5 star while struggling with the six. The rest of us will struggle with the four star. If they wanted to do this they should’ve given us a couple of months notice. If I’m going to have to level four star the rewards are going to have to massive. Like a whole toon worth of a class collectibles .

Hopefully just zombies roadmaps. Then we can use basils on it and be ok then…screw leveling up four stars.

Do they even know their own game? 4s are as useless as 2s and 1*s. Why would we take the time to set up a team and level those worthless toons? Smh scopely, read the room

actually it’s a great idea imo. mixes things up

Its had one edit already lol

I keep at least five 4* toons in my roster. I’m tired of second guessing Scopely when it comes to events.

Totally agree.

And if people are proved right then Pitchforks and Torches will be available on the spondulous, one off, daily, 1% wheel of misfortune, at a mere $99 a punt.

Yeah that’s totes the players fault, Scopley not communicating anything ever is definitely not the problem, it’s those pesky players!

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