Limited to 4* Recruits

Thanks for posting then closing so we can’t provide feedback @GR.Scopely.

Roadmaps requiring 4*? No thanks, terrible idea imo


Would have been ok if we had unlimited roster space.


He isnt even gonna bother now lol just post and lock the thread lol


“Better communication” 2.0


I still would have thought it’s a bad idea! 2 level ups a week, with same amount of renown points offered when leveling an S Class, and I’m supposed to waste resources to upgrade a 4*?!
Thanks, but no thanks! If the map can be done using some good weapons and some decent mods, I’ll give it a go. Otherwise, I’ll just see the other 2.
It’s just a joke how this company keeps going back on their word, daily lowering the bar on the communication front and not taking into account what the player base deserves, needs and asks.


Probably you’re right. But i wouldn’t have depot my maxed out 4stars if i had enough roster space. I dont have a single 3s or 4s left in my roster and can claim only 15 from tgs. I will probably just skip the 4s roadmap.


yup all 3* and 4* were used ages ago to level S Class toons as you know they take a shit load more than 6*


think i faced you in war m8

Personally skipping the 4* map. I highly doubt it will be worth my effort. Not going to spend the time to upgrade 4* toons for this


Really? I made a mess of my defense teams, switching them all around, and did pretty bad myself. :rofl:
What faction were you in?
My in game name is B#.

aaa might not have been you then. i came across someone called bogdan lol

im in DR

My point exactly! I actually told my faction mates to not upgrade their 4*, but just wait and check out the map first. I have so many mods and weapons, it’s just sick! So if I can tackle the map using just that, then I’m good. Otherwise, screw it!

Naaaah, I never use my real name in game. Too difficult for some people… they’ll mess it up completely!
B is simpler. :rofl:

That’s the thing isn’t it - because it takes so much to level Sclass, most of us don’t have 4stars anymore… There has been no point in them for 3 years until this event. After 3 years, do you keep holding on ‘just in case’? It’s absurd.
And there will be no point in levelling 4stars to take part in a single event unless the prizes are astronomical in case we’d have to wait another 3 years to be able to use them again.


not going to waste gear, 1-2-3-4* , food and time upgrading fodder :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it B-sharp or Bishop?)

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Just B… the hashtag is just for “fashion” reasons. :rofl:

Absolutely love that. That’s pretty smart to spot

Im out I depot,d all my 4* 2 years ago after 6* came out. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Chances are youll have to finish one to unlock another