Limited Time token offer only shows up on some but not all

Did anyone else get this? Only a few accounts I saw got this offer and a lot didn’t.

I did 7 chars

I bought one, and have the opportunity to buy again. No point though, as the first purchase gave me enough tokens for another pull.

I have them for half that price but being 80 short of a pull, I still won’t be buying them. Mine are 25 tokens for $15 each

The 4.99 offer last week was the best I’ve seen 25 3 yr with leg/and reg ascension medals

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Nope didn’t get that offer

how about giving us the same offer for the same price at the end of this event to not get 80 supply points… do we ask too much? @JB.Scopely

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I agree, I didn’t get the offer but some people did. It’s still available to them while I haven’t seen it pop up at all. Is it because I paid more in this game? Shouldn’t these offers be available to everyone? The people that received this offer was NOT a new player FYI.

So you have 25 tokens for 15 dollars?! I haven’t seen that offer anywhere either

didn’t get the offer but I would probably pull my fifth 5* spencer from the tokens anyways… it’s insane getting so many duplicates in a row from that wheel

I didn’t get this offer but I want it, cmon scopley if u give something to one person u should give it to everyone SMH


I didn’t get it either

Hmm, there is already a mega thread shouting for that. Lol, they really dgaf about what we want. Never have, never will.

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This is different tho because that was for only new players and yes that whole thing was bs but the guy who has this offer said he wasn’t a new player so why can’t everyone else also have it

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Aye that’s true. But they will be all “tailor made offers yada yada”

I had the offer as well.

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Except that offer was never for so called new players as even some veterans got that offer on their main regions.

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There’s not a single veteran that got the .99 cent 350 token offer on their main regions I never heard of that

Its there I even read it but its deep in the threads that are both over 1000 replies. Too deep for me to want to find quotes thou but its there.

I think you mean veteran players got the offer by going to level 2 accounts because that is true I went and bought the 99 cent offer a couple times on low level accounts but I am positive that nobody with a level 125 account ever got that offer

No I meant what I meant