Limited Time Territories Should Be Discontinued

People really are losing sight that this is a competitive game at its core. Stop calling for things to be changed and ‘discontinued’ just because the rewards aren’t handed to you on a plate. Get your faction organised or find a new faction. Simple.
A lot of the player base constantly crying about not getting top rewards handed out to them with little effort is just getting boring.
I’m in a highly active wave 2 region and we managed to capture and hold on to a LTT just through being organised. Scopely don’t run your faction… that’s down to you.


Seems like the negative posts worked according to the line chat. Another tournament that we will never see. More level ups!

Well scopely handed rewards to you simply trapping whales in wave 1

Bro it was not Abe it was the four star chad with the stun gun.

What we say doesnt matter it will all come down to did it make money or not.

Highly active wave 2 lol, what is next highly competitive bronze league.

I really hope these limited time territories continue to happen. They’re one of the few ways to get S class items and I’d hate to see them go.

I’m not surprised top factions are more likely to hold these territories, they actually require activity and coordination. But it can be done for the more casual factions. Coordinate with the other factions in your region.

As for this past weekend, as countless people have said, LTT should be a background event, never the sole tourney.

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The real problem is a couple of big spenders can win it by themselves it doesnt always take coordination. I used to play with a guy who would coin up 3 op teams over and over.

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They’re going to do that on the five territories? I dont think so. Top factions will try if opportunity allows, if its worth it. Coordinated attacks by everyone in a regions I bet they stick to holding fewer.

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I like the limited time territories. just regions need to share. My faction took 2 and left others for rest of region. Best thing would be to open all territories to give more a chance at them

Surely there is a flaw in the design of the game if everyone is just looking for dead regions, isn’t there?

And I know that that is the consequence of how the events and reward structure work. This is not a fact of nature though! It can be different, and I’m arguing that it should be.


Jb already commented something to the effect that it won’t be coming back because players are reporting they are being kicked when actuality they are prob just being attacked. Since they can’t fix territories, they will just stop running them. Bye bye red velvet cakes.


That is probably why they selling them today… they can join hordes fills

Arenas were broken for ages but was ok to run those even tho hundreds moaned

What they should do Is update current one and fix the bug where territories crash.

Run events all the time considering the amount of s class toons they are bombing us with.

Of course top factions will go for best 1,2 or even 3 territories but if they update current ones like build boost, material production boost, scab bonus etc and add some gear, I think top factions would concentrate on s class collectable territories and leave gear ones for weaker factions, or they will hold gear one and let one of the s class to other factions.

Point is, can’t blame top factions for using the opportunity given

Never said they weren’t flawed but honestly not everything can be geared towards the whales 100% of the time. If you’re in a region where you cant take those territories, move to a different one.

The big issue our region had was all these dumb sister factions teaming up and giving each other the TTS. Then when someone would attack them their sister faction would too and sit there to let them refresh teams. But I still don’t think they should go away. Just fix the bugs and only allow a faction to hold one at a time.

Top Fac in my region had all 5 in the end. We have good facs in the region just nowhere on the scale of the top dogs.

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If they held five your region is bad.

Not true. pretty sure TTT could do this in most regions if they wanted to.